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Burton Sails offers a full range of marine cover options including: spray dodgers, biminis, boom covers, stackpacks  and more…

Each cover we build is hand crafted to ensure a perfect fit.

With each custom made cover we build, we work closely with the customer/client to create a cover that meets your boat’s needs and look.

We pride ourselves on a high level of workmanship, backed by years of experience and led by an attention to detail that ensures your new cover will not only serve it’s purpose, but look great in the process.

Our custom cover range includes; Cockpit covers, Clears to enclose Flybridges, Spray Dodgers, Biminis, Sail Covers, Stackpack Sail Covers, Mesh/Canvas Windscreen Covers, Lee Cloths, Canopies, Full Boat Covers, Dinghy Covers, Trailer Covers and other custom covers designed to suit your specific needs.

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